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Nelson T

You have to give registered and guest groups permission, or it doesn't show.
Seems not to be a way to limit it to Admin and premium groups.


Well-Known Member
Possible to sort users by last time online descending?

Also would be great to have commas between usernames.


My 2.0 site is not operational at the moment because of a faulty importer, so may I ask a question regarding the last users online. The last users online app I have on my (soon to be ex) IPBoard lets you see the time and date the user was on when you hover over their name in the block. Do you have this set up as well?


Hey Andy, This works great on my site except it will not recognize my custom title. It uses the default even when filled in.


All phrases start with membersrecentlyonline_ for your convenience.

You just need to edit the phrase.