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MySQL - max_connections


Staff member
To view the max_connections use phpMyAdmin.

1. From cPanel select the phpMyAdmin program.
2. Select the database.
3. Click the SQL tab.
4. Enter the following:

show variables like "max_connections"

The default is 151 and you should see this:



New Member
That value will only last until next time the database is restarted, though.

For the change to last, you have to either set the variable in:
  1. A MySQL/MariaDB/Percona option file (typically /etc/my.cnf or any file included from that file - and make sure to put it in the right section - the [mysqld] section should work), or ...
  2. If you're using MySQL 8.0 there is a way to set the variable permanently from the command-line or phpMyAdmin:

SET PERSIST max_connections = 200;


Staff member
On very busy forums where you will have more than 1000 guests, the max_connections should be increased, for example set to 300.
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