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New Addon Request : Refresh New Post


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Not sure how useful that would be. Seams to me that most people use the New posts only for a short time.
You may be right. But according to me, most people want to have something that shows / indicates that there is a new post / thread without refreshing the page.


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How do you use the New posts page, look for short time and click away or click a thread?
We use it to go to a new thread / new post.

I don't know why xenforo does not include a ajax page for following new post / new threads. I have seen many ajax addons for purpose at other forums like smf, mybb....


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You can technically install this:
(50) Latest posts live | XF2 Addons

And then link to this URL on your board in the top navigation bar:

It would show an auto-updating list of latest X number of posts which you can configure from the plugin option.

Not really what you want but it's something that you already have access to.

I have been trying to get Andy to release a similar plugin for Recent Activity but he say that no one uses recent activity on Xenforo :p