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Notice for members with no avatar?


Is there a way to add a notice in Xenforo 2 that alert members that their profile doesn't have an avatar?

If they uploaded an avatar for their profile, then this notice will not appear any more.

For most forums I don't suggest using an add-on like that, nagging members is not good.
It is just a notice that tell members they should have an avatar, for really force to have it
Anyway, having an avatar is better non-avatar on member's profile.


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You can do this with notices. Just create a notice - either popup (floating) or at top of forum (block or scrolling) with user criteria of has no avatar. Easy peasy. I prefer the look of a block or scrolling block - less distracting that a popup (floating) and allow it to be dismissed so they only see it once.


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ACP > Communication > Notices > +

Here's mine that shows user's current avatar (so they see how it appears to others) and greets them by name:


I use a scrolling block message (if more than one block message they cycle through each one) that can be dismissed.

Just use user criteria user is logged in (not guest) an user has no avatar: