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A script to fix permissions and ownership, on files and directories, for cPanel accounts.

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Ever needed just to quickly 'fix' the permissions or ownership for your files in a regular cPanel account? This is the script for you. There is a staggering number of people using cPanel out there, and this script will help every cPanel user quickly recover from self-made permission mistakes or allow you to be lazy when setting permissions when uploading new scripts (ex: Wordpress).

It safely steps through the file structure only in a particular user, and sets folders to be owned by the user, and files to have cPanel-recommended permissions.

It is safe to run, and I would run it in a heart-beat as a general 'fix my errors' fix.

The script is also compatible with multiple attached volumes on their servers, such as multiple home directories with cPanel (eg., /home, /home2, /home3, etc).

Note: This is inteded for non-DSO servers (Meaning, it will run just fine for: FastCGI, suPHP, etc...). You can run this on a DSO box, but just know that things such as Wordpress uploads won't work. You'll have to manually set some folders to be owned by the user "nobody".

Source: https://github.com/PeachFlame/cPanel-fixperms
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