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Possible feature request about Change author add-on


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I have two ids on my own forum. Second one is used to make posts related to deals etc. I do this to allow people to ignore that account if they have no use for deals and that kind of content.

My feature request is that... For selected usergroups (or selected user ids)... This add on could possibly add a new field while creating a new thread where admin/mod can select his second account as the creator for that particular thread.

Just putting it out there in case others might also have interest in a functionality like this. Developer might consider it then!


New Member

I would support this request.

In my case, I receive requests from board members to publish information under their names, as they can't do this by themselves (not enough time).

Using the Change author does not completely fill this need. As we send out notifications when new topics have been created, I would be listed as author, and when members review the post (after I changed the author), they would see another person (the real author of the content) as poster.


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By using the watch feature (in that special board, normally all members have subscribed to get informed when a new thread is created or post is made). I've written a script that is manually run when a new member was enrolled to set this watches accordingly.


Why not just use the Weekly digest or Email subscription to notify members of new threads. These add-ons give you time to create the new thread in your name and then use the Change author add-on to change the author. The next day or on Saturday if you use Weekly digest they would get an email of all new threads.