Question on Delete users 1.5


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Hi, I'm so far very happy with the two Addon's I've installed and am looking for a third administrative tool...

Delete users 1.5 seems to do most of what I'm looking for but I'd like to know if I can also screen for PM use?

I run a medical information site and sometimes users will join just so they can have a private chat with another patient, I don't want to delete those accounts.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to delete these users:
Valid account (email confirmed)
Post count: 0
PM count: 0
Have not logged in over two years

I don't want to delete anyone who's engaged in any way via posts or private messages, they may need to come back if there are continuing medical issues.
However, I do want to clean out accounts that are over two years old and have never engaged in any way and have basically been abandoned.



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Hi Sandy,

Valid account (email confirmed)
Post count: 0
PM count: 0 <- adjustable in Options page.
Have not logged in over two years <- Set for one year.

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