Quick Search suggestion


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Hi Andy,

I'd like to see you add a unique class for Quick Search box so I can style it easily.

Thank you.


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Due to the complex nature of AJAX, the best I can do is use the XenForo class, so the box will look like all the other textboxes on the forum.


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I think if you add it for example like this:
<div class="AndyQuickSearch">
    <div class="block-container" style="width:300px;">
        <div class="block-body">
            <input type="text" class="input js-filterInput" style="border:none;" name="quickSearchTitle" id="quickSearchTitle" placeholder="{{ phrase('quicksearch_quick_search') }}..." autocomplete="off" data-no-auto-focus="true">

... you can easily customize just quick search with css (background, centering etc.).


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Oh yes I was referring to the results, I was not able to add my own CSS to the results. As far as the textbox is concerned, it would make more sense to just use the XenForo classes as I have done so the textbox look like all the other textboxes.
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