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Registration code

Hello, I'm using the registration code addon but I'd like to move the registration code field at the top of the registration form so that the user is warned that if he don't have the code he cannot register. This is to avoid someone filling all the form just to discover at the end that he missed the code. Is this possible?


The position of the registration code field there as to keep the registration process as close to default as possible.
Yes but having it at the top avoid the fact that the user fill all the form just to discover that he needed a registration code at the end, that's the meaning of my request. If you need a registration code to make the registration, it's better to show it and request it at the very start of the form, not at the end.
Well, captcha is more than a standard filling form and you don't have to know a captcha before, either you click or answer a simple question that a human can understand. You're not stuck as if you don't have the registration code, that's the meaning.


I think people expect a certain format when they click a register links, that's why I think it's better to have the username first, not a captcha or password. But if you like you can create a notice to explain how the forum works.