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Remove Post Thread Button

Hi, here's an idea for another add-on. Remove the Post thread button on the forum pages. Since XF2 now has the thread bar at the top of each forum the "Post thread" button is really no longer needed.

That add-on removes the 2 buttons from the main forum page with the categories and forum list, but when you click on a forum to enter it, the blue "Post thread" button is still there.

No, it's not modified. The one on the main page that the add-on removes is orange, but the one still there on the actual forum pages themselves are blue.

I'm using the latest XF 2.0.4
I did contact the developer of the calendar add-on and he gave me a mod whch turned the blue post icon back to orange, but then your
Remove page action buttons add-on wont remove it. He told me to play around with the execution orders of the two add-on to make his happen first then yours happen after and that didn't work either. Then I showed him the template mods your add-on does and he said that's why. In yours it removes code and with his it removes and replaces some of that same code yours removes.

So, its not really either add-on is just that if I have his installed then yours wont remove that post button. I see you have a calendar add-on too, but it doesn't have all of the extra features his does that I want and need.