[Request] Add Option for Auto delete email confirm


Auto delete email confirm 1.0

Auto deletes registrations with which failed to confirm email address.

  • User must have 0 posts.
  • Ignores staff.
  • Last activity must be over 24 hours.

I am assuming that this means if the new registrant does not confirm email address within 24 hours the registration is deleted.

I would like to have an option to change the time period, probably to 3-5 days in my case. Can this be made a variable/option rather than a fixed time period?


But they do, depending on the membership.

I am looking to use it on a professional forum where it's not unusual for it to take a couple of days, especially on a weekend - if they register on a Friday afternoon from the office they might not get back to validate the email until Monday.

This is for https://www.localsearchforum.com - active during the week but it drops off significantly over weekends or holidays.


Staff member
Makes sense. I'll add the feature now. The Options page will have a Days setting.


Staff member
The logic to use 1 day was to allow a new registration to use the same name after failing to approve the email after a short time, this would be situations where an incorrect email was entered, they can try again in 24 hours.
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