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[Request] Latest Posts With Permissions


I notice on the default sidebar Latest posts widget that the forum permissions are not followed.
I have a Premium members only section on my site, that allows "Normal" registered members to see the thread list titles, but when clicked on, go to a message saying that the thread is locked until you are a Premium member.

My problem is that almost all members eventually do upgrade to Premium and post in the Premium areas, BUT....... before they actually upgrade they think the forum isn't that busy, due to the latest posts widget not showing anything in the Premium areas in the list to "Normal" registered members. (Not even the title)

I have asked over at XF, but they say thats how it is meant to work.
Can you develop a latest posts widget that allows all posts to be seen in the sidebar latest posts list, or suggest an edit that will allow this to work how i want.
It basically means that even though a regular member can see the titles of threads in the Premium areas on the forums, they cannot see the content once the title is clicked.
On the sidebar widget, a regular member doesn't see these titles at all. As most of our threads are posted in Premium areas, that means new regular members think the site is dead as the latest posts widget in the sidebar doesnt show many new posts to them, as Premium areas aren't shown in the list even though they can see the titles at least in the main forum.

The sidebar widget doesn't follow the permissions that the main forum categories do.
IE, in main forums. (Can see thread titles but not full post.)
In sidebar, cant even see title.