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Shopping Cart: only have access to email and currency

I guess I am having a bad brain day. I am the admin of my own forum for the past two years - set up everything myself, however, I can not seem to get this simple add-on to work. I installed it from the add-on list. Then I see that from the OPTIONS, I have "shopping cart"
I open it up and the only thing I have is paypal email account set up and currency screen set up and "save". That is it. I am at a loss or my brain cells have not kicked in as to get this to work. I am embarrassed of myself !!!
How in the heck do I set up a simple demo like what you have ?

Ok, so I went to permissions on my admin and set that to YES. It seems I am getting somewhere now, but I still do not have any of the screen shots you have.
So, far, it seems that first, I have to start a topic, Then once the topic is done, then I go back to view the topic, then I click on the elipsis at top right corner which when I look down, I see Shopping Cart Admin functions. This sends me just a text only menu at left side of my screen and that is all.
Once I set up the cart, then I assume that I copy and paste that link back to a new topic....I guess this is it.
Trying to use the item in the shopping cart, when added and checkout - paypal does not even recognize my account - I will fool with this tomorrow when my mind is clear.
Hi Andy. Thank your for your help. My site is shipsofscale.com
If anything else you need let me know. I will follow your lead.



Hi Donnie,

I just registered on your forum as AndyB.

Can you make me an admin so I can troubleshoot.

Admin control panel -> Groups & permissions -> Administrators -> Add administrator

User: AndyB
Add user to user groups: Administrative
Administrator type: Super administrator
Permissions: Select all