Some New Requests about "Member search"


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I have just installed and started to use "Member Search" add-on. It is very useful so many thanks.

I have some requests from my forum user. I want to share them. If it is possible, you may think to add these new requests to this great addon.

1- In other to make more effective search result, is it possible to Sort the search list according to
  • Last Activity
  • Post Count
Similar to this old addon.

2- I am using "Custom user field 1" but it is combo box selected ? Will it possible to call combo box selections while searching ?

Ilgi Alanı.jpg

If it is not possible a new extra definition area for any "Custom user field 1" will work. Similar to this :

Ilgi Alanı2.jpg


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Thank you for your questions.

1) Add-ons are very complex, adding options which would seldom be used is not a good design.

2) Adding the ability to search on combo-box is very difficult and the reason why it's not already a feature.
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