[Suggestion] Fix ALL CAPS posts

Dave Stromberger

New Member
I have a few users who insist upon typing everything in ALL CAPS. Not just the title, but the whole post. Even when asked not to do it. An add-on to check for this and correct it would really be nice!

The only drawbacks I can see is when it auto-corrects short words too, such as when they were done for emphasis. So, how about this feature being manually turned on for specific users, otherwise it's off by default?

Dave Stromberger

New Member
It's not their content that I'm worried about, so I'd rather not hold them hostage while awaiting approval. Plus, I'd have to manually re-type their post to get rid of the CAPS? There used to be an add-on for Vbulletin that took care of this automatically (not the specific member part)... it was appreciated by my regular members. This add-on would be pretty handy and automatic.


Staff member
so I'd rather not hold them hostage while awaiting approval

The one or two members that you're having problems with will quickly understand that they have to learn that they can no longer use all caps. So invoke the moderation and the issue will be quickly resolved. After they realize that you mean business, they will turn off their caps lock.
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