Suggestion for "Thread poster review"


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With vB 3.8.1, I could click on the number of posts when viewing the thread list in a forum and it would pop up a small box listing all the users that had posted in the thread in order of largest number of posts to smallest number of posts. It was kind of useful for keeping an eye on who was driving the activity without having to take the time to actually read a long thread.

On a somewhat related note, I had an add-on that would let me enter a username and then it would show me the node list with a number and percentage by each node showing where the user has posted. The number and percentage were based on total posts site wide versus posts in each node. this was helpful for seeing if particular members were camping out in one or two forums rather than being active site wide. In particular, if I had someone causing trouble in the Off-Topic section, I would look to see what their percentage of posts in the OT section was compared to the rest of the forum. If it was exceptionally high in the OT section, I would be much more likely to start putting pressure on them to either chill out or move on since they weren't really contributing to the main focus of the forum.

Again, I know next to nothing about what it would take to implement these, so if it is a major deal, I can obviously live without them. They were just nice conveniences though.