Suggestion: Time Limit On Editting Thread Titles


Hey, I didn't know that we can make suggestions. If it is ok, I had one in my mind.

Usually it is not a good idea to allow people to edit their own thread titles, cause threads are known by titles and changes can cause mix ups and irritate people.

But we all make here and then typos, for those cases it would be nice to be able to edit thread titles, without having a moderator to correct it for us or without having the permission to edit thread titles forever.

For that having a time limit of say 5-30 mins (whatever u like) after thread creation would be nice, so people can correct immediately their own typos and such.

What do you think? Thanks.


Yes, I know. But one want the editting posts time limit much higher than the thread titles.
Because posts can be extended later, people want to add stuff later to the threads. So you want them be able to edit their threads maybe forever, or at least for weeks, so they can come later and add content.

But for thread titles you don't want them to change it much later and screw it up. So to have different time limits for both is best case imo.


Staff member
Most forums have a time restriction for editing posts because editing posts days or weeks later is not a good option, members will not realize the post has been updated.


Unless you say in your latest post that you updated the first post. My suggestion was to differentiate between thread titles and posts, as for thread titles the change is only needed for typos mostly, hence a low time limit. And for posts it is usually longer needed as one may add to the first post stuff later, like attachments. Anyway, I just wanted to suggest it, no problem.