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Understanding - inodes limits


Staff member
Inodes represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. Any image file, video, HTML file, folder and script file are considered inodes.

Like most web hosting companies, this information is not provided upfront, but hidden in the technical information about the web hosting package. Here's the one for KnownHost.



Source: https://www.knownhost.com/kb/shared-reseller-hosting/
So how can you determine the number of inodes for a given directory? SSH into your server and at the command prompt enter the following:

find /home/user/public_html | wc -l

Change user to the appropriate name.
So for example you want migrate to KnownHost from another web hosting company. Determine how many inodes you are using, if the number is well below 200,000 then you can consider getting a shared web hosting. Otherwise if over 200,000 inodes, get a VPS.
With some shared hosting providers, different packages offered at different costs, can provide higher numbers of inodes as standard. I found with shared hosting, even with a small forum, that I was getting pretty close to bumping up to the limitation in inodes.

This was a major cause to drive me to go with a VPS, which will offer multiple millions of inodes depending on the software stack you have installed and your technical configuration.