What your $25.00 dollar Premium membership includes


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Q: Can I download all the available XF2 addons?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I own more than one forum, can I install the addons on all of them?
A: Yes.

Q: What if my Premium membership expires and I want to download an addon?
A: You will need to renew your Premium membership in order to access any of the addons in the Resources area.

Q: Are XF1 add-ons still free?
A: Yes. Alll XF1 add-ons are available from XenForo.com and are completely free. All XF1 add-ons are supported by donations.

To upgrade your account to Premium, click the link below:


Royal Rumble

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Looks good Andy - I've used a lot of your addons on XF1 and so, will be sure to do likewise when I'm on XF2.

Good luck and thank you.


ok thats seems good , will you be updating all addons so they will work with xf2 , i use alot on xf 1 so I will definately buy premium soon as xf 2 is released


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One add-on I love is "Change Limit". Would be cool to have it for XF2 :)

Also "Rotate Images"
@Andy, I'm a huge fan of many of your addons and really like that you've done with this your new XF2 add-ons. Such a great way to help support you, the addons and an incredible deal for use forum owners too. Low price to access everything. Nicely done!