• Welcome to XF2 Addons. All the XF2 addons located in the Resources area are available for download once you upgrade your account to Premium membership. In addition, Premium members will get technical support. Premium membership costs only $35.00 USD a year. Once the year has expired you can continue to use the installed addons on your forum as long as you like.

What your $35.00 dollar Premium membership includes


Q: Can I download all the available XF2 addons?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I own more than one forum, can I install the addons on all of them?
A: Yes.

Q: What if my Premium membership expires and I want to download an addon?
A: You will need to renew your Premium membership in order to access any of the addons in the Resources area.

Q: Each year when I renew my membership, will I be able to purchase at the rate I paid the previous year?
A: No. The yearly membership price is likely to increase by a small amount and that new amount will be the cost for the additional years membership.

To upgrade your account to Premium, click the link below:



New Member
My premium membership expires on 12-08-2018 (over 15 days). For now i see no option to renew. Can I only renew from 18 December?


New Member
Just in case any potential buyers are reading this, it is absolutely worth the money. Andy is a really nice guy and a very good dev. He also is priced very well for his addons.



Well-Known Member
I'm using 74 of Andy's Add-ons. Every one fills a need not provided by XF out of the box. It's an incredible value. I've told him many times he should charge more, but I do volunteer my time testing and suggesting fixes which he is very good about making if he feels they are warranted. Andy does have a very high bar for suggestions given he has so many add-ons and likes to keep them simple, thus performant, stable, and easy to maintain. Xen and the art of forum add-on maintenance :p.