What your $35.00 dollar Premium membership includes


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Q: Can I download all the available XF2 addons?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I own more than one forum, can I install the addons on all of them?
A: Yes.

Q: What if my Premium membership expires and I want to download an addon?
A: You will need to renew your Premium membership in order to access any of the addons in the Resources area.

Q: Each year when I renew my membership, will I be able to purchase at the rate I paid the previous year?
A: No. The yearly membership price can increase.

To upgrade your account to Premium, click the link below:



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I'm using 74 of Andy's Add-ons. Every one fills a need not provided by XF out of the box. It's an incredible value. I've told him many times he should charge more, but I do volunteer my time testing and suggesting fixes which he is very good about making if he feels they are warranted. Andy does have a very high bar for suggestions given he has so many add-ons and likes to keep them simple, thus performant, stable, and easy to maintain. Xen and the art of forum add-on maintenance :p.


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I had already bought it once for another forum. Andy is ok also the price. I noticed that his additions never made mistakes.
But I think it's better if he offers $120 five years.
As I can see Andy has 265 addons.

If you divide 35/265, it will be $0.13 per add-on. It's extremely low price. I think it's a time that Andy needs to increase their add-on value as 50 USD per year. And no need it for longer than 1 year. If he offers longer than one year with a discount price, it will be just abused, nothing else.

Others are all add-ons, developers, HIGH PRICE.