What your $35.00 dollar Premium membership includes


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I had already bought it once for another forum. Andy is ok also the price. I noticed that his additions never made mistakes.
But I think it's better if he offers $120 five years.
I think $150 for 5 years would be a good happy medium. Most forums don't last 5 years, nor update add-ons regularly, so would probably be a net gain for Andy and help fund his up front development costs for new add ons.


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Andy is an example of person who really doesn't care about profits too much. I've been worked with many coders out there but i never ever seen this very kind of person. He's very nice with everybody. Most importantly his addons was so great and perfectly working. Actually his simple addons is covering up many basic functionalities that Xenforo doesn't offer, which made me missed my old forum and realised that vB has much more functionalities rather than XF - but only their dev direction wasn't quite promising towards online forum engagement vs socmed.

I think Andy deserves to offer higher subscription fee. If the price is $200/year i would still renew it every year!


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Agree with everything said except for the $200 part. $50 for sure, but a think you’ll see a lot of from of in demand around $75-$100 IMO. That said I’ve spend that much for several individual addons.


I think @Andy should be charging $50 per year (or more) for his collection. He deliberately keeps it to $35. A very reasonable man.
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