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  • Andy
    Andy updated the resource Featured threads with See description.
    Featured threads v1.1 changes: If featuring multiple threads, widget results are now sorted by post ID descending.
  • Andy
    Andy created the resource Email users in XF2 Addons.
    Description: Allows sending emails to users using a CSV file as the selection input. (Example of email sent) (Example of Options...
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  • rhody401
    Inodes represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. Any image file, video, HTML file, folder and script file...
  • Andy
    Andy updated the resource Similar resources with See description.
    Similar resources v2.1 changes: Now compatible with MySQL 8 and newer.
  • Andy
    Andy updated the resource New report email staff with See description.
    New report email staff v1.4 changes: Now supports send reports into forum option.
  • Andy
    Andy created the resource Auto notice reset in XF2 Addons.
    Description: Auto resets a single notice. This add-on allows the member to dismiss the notice, but after a week it will display again...
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  • G
    growlabz reviewed the resource Remove reaction score.
    5.00 star(s) works as advertised
  • Andy
    Andy updated the resource Delete thread redirects with See description.
    Delete thread redirects v1.1 changes: Added Limit to options page.
  • J
    John reviewed the resource Block posting.
    4.00 star(s) Is a very good addition to Thread Reply Lock. For this purpose, a menu would be desirable so that all settings of a global response lock...
  • J
    John reacted to Andy's resource Block posting with Like Like.
    Description: Allows moderators to block postings by problem users. (Example of link in visitors tab) (Example of Block posting...
  • nicodak
    nicodak reacted to Andy's resource Convert image with Like Like.
    Description: Converts hot linked images to attachments. The Convert image add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to...
  • Andy
    Andy updated the resource Remove reaction score with See description.
    Remove reaction score v1.3 changes: Added template modification to remove reaction score from post article macros.
  • Andy
    Andy replied to the thread KnownHost Shared.
    The shared Professional Web Hosting is really only suitable for new and very small forums. If you have a forum with say 100,000 post or...
  • Andy
    Andy posted the thread KnownHost Shared in Web Host Reviews.
    Note: cPanel is already included. I suggest ordering the Professional Web Hosting which costs $19.95 per month...
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  • nicodak
    nicodak reviewed the resource Classified forums.
    5.00 star(s) Simple but efficient ! With custom thread fields this addon rocks !